ELT 121.5 Services

An Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is a device that transmits a distress signal to aid in the detection and location of aircrafts. An ELT can be manually or automatically activated. ELTs that activate automatically use a G-Switch that triggers the ELT. Once the ELT is activated and a distress signal is detected, it is used to locate the aircraft by triangulation.

NOTE: Cospas-Sarsat has ceased satellite monitoring of 121.5 MHz beacons on February 1 2009.

TSO C91A prescribes the minimum performance standard that an ELT operating on 121.5 and 243 MHz must meet.

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ELT 121.5 Certification Service

All ELTs are performance tested and certified in accordance with Transport Canada Regulations (Chapter 571 Appendix G).

We issue a Transport Canada (Form One) Certification Form with each ELT.

Our service will include the replacement of batteries, if required and/or upon request.

Your ELT will be externally cleaned (within reason) whenever possible in order to enhance its appearance and to make it easier for handling.

We can perform minor repairs on your ELT in house, but for major repairs we will send it out to the manufacturers on your behalf if requested.

ELT 121.5 Mhz Models We Service
The Following is a list of ELT models we currently certify. If the model you have is not on this list, give us a call .We may be able to add it to our capability list.
Technisonic TEL 82 Narco ELT 10
Dorne & Margolin DM 6 & 8 series ACK E-01
Ameri-King AK-450 Leigh Systems Shark 7
Pointer 3000 & 4000 series Artex 100,110,200 series
Deft Corp. Deft 1 Eagle Martech series
Kannad 121 series
    • Certification Cost: $39.50 plus applicable taxes, parts and freight.
    • Lead Time: 2-4 Days, depending on parts availability.

Tech Tips

Remember to record that your ELT has been removed for servicing in your Journey Log.

Tech Tips

You are allowed to operate your aircraft without the ELT for 30 days. IAW CAR 605.39