ACK E-04 Retrofit

The E-04 406 ELT is a direct replacement for the ACK E-01 ELT's. The E-04 can use the existing E-01's mounting tray and can use the existing remote control panel indicator. It also uses the existing wiring harness.

1.0 -- The battery replacement is only necessary every 5 years.
2.0 -- Accepts GPS position input data.
3.0 -- New antenna is swept back 20 degrees, with a molded plastic base.
4.0 -- The buzzer is mounted separately from the ELT.

ACK E-04 Retrofit kit includes:
transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antenna,
plug in audible alert, install manual.

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Includes Certification Tags.
ELT programming is FREE.

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Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

E-04M Installation / Operation Manual

Download PDF File