Kannad AF Compact

Based on the popular 406 AF series three frequency ELT and designed with general aviation specifically in mind. The Compact is the smallest and lightest ELT combined into an “all in one” kit with all installation supplies and required instructions.

1.0 -- Ultra small size and light weight ideal for any general aviation aircraft.
2.0 -- This series of ELTs CANNOT be coupled to a GPS.
3.0 -- Operates without aircraft power and incorporates an internal alarm/buzzer
          avoiding costly installation procedures.
4.0 -- Six year lithium manganese battery.
5.0 -- 2 year warranty.

The KANNAD 406 AF Compact transmits a unique aircraft identification number allowing efficient location pinpointing and identification of false alarms to avoid costly search and rescue operations. A sophisticated “shock sensor” system will activate the ELT automatically in the event of a crash.

406 AF Compact kit includes:
ELT, mounting bracket, remote switch and connectors.
note: Antenna SOLD separately.

$849.95 USD funds.

Includes Certification Tags.
ELT programming is FREE.

$109.95 USD funds.

$339.97 USD funds.

Plus applicable taxes and shipping.
Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Compact Initial Installation Manual

Download PDF File

Compact Installation Manual & Operation Manual

Download PDF File